Very Low Altitude Weather

It’s a beautiful day today. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. At least it was when I set off from up the mountain.

Unfortunately, a few hundred feet lower riding along the valley floor, there’s all this V.L.A.W. (Very Low Altitude Weather) to ride through.

Very Low Altitude Weather

Very Low Altitude Weather - The sky is blue above this lot!

Thankfully there’s a massive climb coming. Joy.

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2 Responses to Very Low Altitude Weather

  1. Jason Dracup says:

    Ah so I see you’ve dropped the fixie then must be something about being over 40 :0)

    • wheelist says:

      Heheh – Alright Jase – nope, the fixie is in the shed. I have fitted it with a freewheel though – getting up the hills round here is okay, but getting down was doing my knees no good at all!

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