Dyfi Enduro 2012

Last weekend saw the 11th annual howies Dyfi Enduro. It’s the fastest selling ticket in the world of mountain biking (sold out in 62 minutes!) and given the epic nature of the ride, the attention to detail, the friendly atmosphere, and the free bar before the finish line, it’s a well deserved accolade.

I just love the climbs.

I just love the climbs and smile all the way up. Honest.

As ever there was plenty of weirdness on the trails: a Welsh Harpist playing on the first climb, cheerleaders at the summit, road works at the start of the Big Dipper, a Star Wars battle raging in the middle of the woods, Johnny Pickles waving from the bottom of Rocky Horror (just kidding Johnny!), and of course a free bar and disco at the bottom of Dicko’s . All these added to what was a truly memorable (if knackering) day out.

The highlights of my ride were blasting down ever-steepening ridge of the World Cup descent, a ride-long to-and-fro battle with a lad on a Trek Slash (I lost), being attacked by Luke Skywalker in the woods, and discovering that I’d spent most of the ride alongside our local Trek rep without recognising him till the final climb.

Another (post-ride) Beer

Another (post-ride) Beer

The biggest surprise was the incredibly refreshing nature of the beer at Dicko’s Bar which gave me renewed vigour for the final climb – it even overcame the memory of local legend Tegid’s words “this climb seems to go on for ever”. Maybe the beer was a lot stronger than I imagined.

So I’d like to say a big thanks to all the ladies and gentlemen who make the howies Dyfi Enduro such an amazing event. You know who you are, and I love you all.

My Dyfi Enduro Ride Log




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