Skills, trails and tea in the sunshine.

I had a lovely day out coaching at Coed y Brenin on Sunday with Hamish from Australia.

The aim of the ride was ostensibly to improve Hamish’s cornering skills and help him learn to bunny hop, and we worked on the underlying techniques whilst we rode the Minotaur blue trail and the many firetracks that link the trails.

The Minotaur trail’s Slipway section offers the perfect trail to practice the principles of cornering – pre-emptive braking, looking through the corner, weighting the bike for balance and traction.  The push-up track back to the start of the berms offers a chance for some comtemplative reflection of the previous run.

To put the new techniques into practice we meshed together a handful of Coedy’s best and twistiest sections, short-cutting up to the Adams Family sections, and then rolling through Big Dug. And for a real treat we even made time for a cup of tea at the cafe in the woods.

Coaching at Coed y Brenin with Hamish

Coaching at Coed y Brenin with Hamish - skills, trails and tea

The real highlight of the day for Hamish though was riding in the beautiful, forested valleys of Coed y Brenin, with its exquisite trails and awesome views. The sunshine didn’t hurt either.

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