Back up from down under.

It was a real pleasure to welcome Hamish back to Coed y Brenin today, after his coaching session with Wheelism last year. Hamish said he loved the trip so much last time that he thought he should bring his wife Jill to sample the delights of this little corner of heaven.

Off piste with Hamish

Off piste with Hamish

Armed with a Beics Brenin Specialized Camber Comp 29er, Hamish and I headed out onto some of the rockier trails in the Coed y Brenin forest before exploring further afield on some of the area’s best natural trails.

Back up on the last climb from down under.

Back up on the last climb from down under.

The weather was on our side, improving throughout the ride, and we ended the day by crossing the old toll bridge over the Mawddach estuary for a couple of pints of ‘shearing juice’ in the sun at the George III hotel.

Just a lovely day out riding!

I’m already looking forward to Hamish’s return next year, but it’ll take something special to outshine today’s ride. The Dyfi then!

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