It’s hard to believe. It’s so long ago since it last happened I’d forgotten exactly what it was.

Summer - get it whilst it's hot!

Summer - get it whilst it's hot!

It’s summer!!! Proper flipping summer!!!! The sun is hot and everything!!!!!

And…(a big ‘And’)…it’s in Wales!!!!!!

I seriously struggle to express just how beautiful Wales is when the sun is shining, when you’ve got mates around, and when you’re out riding your bike.

In the North it’s like Western California with lush mountains, rushing rivers, roads as smooth as a jazztoking baby’s bum (and they flipping should be considering the time they spend fixing em!), and the most sublime singletrack man ever rode.

Slate, granite, dust, ferns, and foxgloves and starmac (like tarmac but with gold dust) combine to make a pretty special ride here.

And whilst the sun’s been shining I’ve been blessed enough to run a couple of coaching sessions. Almost too blessed – it was bloody hot out there!

Firstly Dan, Natty and George rolled up for some rolling down, making the most of the sun to practise their skills on the trail.

Dan, George and Natty basking in the sun (and glory)

Dan, George and Natty basking in the sun (and glory)

Then Steven, Tim, Finn, and Arthur battled through the heat haze to pick up some shady riding tricks in the cool of the Coed y Brenin trees.

Steven, Tim, Finn and Arthur basking in the sun at Coed y Brenin

Steven, Tim, Finn and Arthur basking in the sun at Coed y Brenin

So, Summer’s here then. I haven’t seen the forecast. I’m not sure how long it’s gonna last. I don’t even know if it’ll end tomorrow.

What I do know is: you, like me and a few other of the lucky souls who happen to be in Wales right now, should get out on your bike and make the most of it.

Summer. Get it whilst it’s hot.

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